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the first 3rd wave

Cloud Nine Coffee Co. began with a dream to take the third wave movement of coffee - where beans are sourced sustainably, the entire process is fair trade and coffee becomes an artisanal product - to our hometown of Bakersfield, California. With optimism, creativity and a handful of passionate people, we are turning that dream into a reality.

Cloud 9 Coffee Company is a coffee bar dedicated to the craft of fair-trade brew and savory pastries, while engaging in the community and with its people. We strive to create a warm environment of satisfied customers and accommodating staff; we’re not just selling a beverage, but a blissful experience. From a recreational coffee drinker to a coffee connoisseur, Cloud 9 Coffee Co. offers its guests a memorable encounter with superior service, exceptional product, and an inviting atmosphere. 


Cloud 9 Coffee Co. strives to create an environmentally friendly, aesthetically superb, welcoming ambiance at all times. While the patron is most important, our environment is equally as important as our product, and we seek a healthy, successful company that is a leader in customer service with a loyal customer following.