If you’ve been to Cloud 9 in the morning, chances are, you’ve met Lauren. She is the epitome of customer service, could sell you just about anything, greets everyone with a smile, and will - quite literally - talk your ear off… in the best way possible!

Though she’s new to the Cloud 9 Family, we’ve already fallen in love with her + her heart… and we know you will too! Keep reading to learn more interesting facts about our best (and only lol) Shift Leader.

  • 23 (almost 24)-year-old Lauren Enns was born in Kern County. When it comes to travel, her dream destination is New Zealand, but she really loves anything close to the ocean (she constantly went to Pismo Beach growing up and still loves it). She also went to Cancun, Mexico for her honeymoon and it was beautiful (allegedly).

  • Her favorite TV show is Frasier + she likes too many movies to count. That being said, she loves psychological thrillers, comedies, and old Disney movies (don’t we all?).

  • Her drink of choice from Cloud 9 is the Cold Brew or a classic Macchiato. Like many coffee aficionados, she prefers the rich coffee taste, and always takes her coffee black (we love her for it!).

  • When she’s home, she loves to love on her fur babies Chewbacca and Zara, garden, rewatch Frasier and The Office, color and cut hair, hang with her best friend/husband Jonathan, play video games, swim laps, eat Asian food, help on the family Almond farm, photography, and go to Disneyland as much as possible! WHAT A LIFE!

  • She is married to Jonathan Enns who is the Ranch Manager at Enns Farms. They have been married since 2013 and have known each other since middle school. He is a great artist, and loves playing guitar + video games.

  • Working at Cloud 9 is helping her get engaged with the Kern County community in a positive way. It is allowing for her to learn new ways to connect with + improve our community. Since she wants her future to be community-driven, this job has been a huge benefit for her in meeting her ultimate goals.

    I see myself helping out more on the family Almond farm, raising a family, volunteering for local organizations (especially pet related), opening my own pet shelter, having a few more fur babies, cutting and coloring more hair, and still making excellent coffee that puts people on Cloud 9! ;)

Thank you Lauren, for everything you do for this company. And for being a light for all of us dark souls in the mornings lol. We love you!


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