When I think of the things that make Cloud 9 amazing, Irene is definitely at the top of that list.

We’ve had the pleasure of having her a part of the Cloud 9 team since February 2018, as she used to work in the bus on Buena Vista. Now, we’re proud to have her as the store manager of our brick and mortar flagship. 24-year-old Irene Galindo was born in Ventura - her family moved to Bakersfield when she was 8 years old, and this is now where she calls home.


I know what you’re thinking… “Irene sounds like a total gem. How can I learn more about her?” Well, fret not my friends. We’ve curated a whole list of Irene fun facts just for you!

  • Her favorite place to visit is Kaua’i, Hawaii hands down! And her dream destination is Australia.

  • She’s not a movie lover, but (like all of us) she loves The Office! Specifically, S9E10 when Pam gives the office lice LOL.

  • In 5 years, she hopes to have a family of her own, and “If life is anything like it is now then I’m totally okay with that, lol.”

  • Her favorite childhood memory was going to Carl’s Jr. as a family on Friday nights. As a family of 6 (she' has 3 sisters + she’s the baby), they enjoyed any time they got together… but also thoroughly enjoyed chicken stars + criss-cut fries, ya know?

Working at C9 has given me the opportunity to work in a field that is a huge part of my life. And with a schedule that allows me to take care of the important things in my life while still being able to sustain myself.

  • She loves love to travel! But when she’s home + not working, she loves to hangout at Cloud 9 (it’s true - she’s here all the time), and spend time with family, friends and her husband of 4 years.

  • Speaking of her husband… Marcel (lovingly known as Marquel amongst the C9 team), is our in-house photographer! When you’re here, you may see him taking photos or hanging out drinking a cup of coffee.

  • She can go HAM on a Cloudine… but honestly, couldn’t we all?

What we love about Irene:

  1. She LOVES coffee. This is obviously important when it comes to running a coffee shop - she cares about the product + customer experience.

  2. She is good, honest, and kind. It seems cliché, but qualities like this are hard to find sometimes!

  3. Last, but certainly not least, we love her work ethic. She is an incredibly hard worker + takes pride in her job. We are thankful to have her a part of the team + we are thankful to call her a friend.

Well… we hope you enjoyed this little bit of insider info on one of Bakersfield’s best baristas. Be sure to come by Cloud 9 this week + tell her which drink you can go HAM on!


Cloud 9 Coffee Company