I remember meeting Holly in 7th Grade, as we had both enrolled in Choir with Mrs. Isaac. She wore vans, short-shorts, and had long black extensions (don’t lie - we all went through that phase). Immediately, I knew we would be friends. She was kind, soft-spoken, and generous with her time, energy, and resources.

Fast forward 10 years, Holly and I are still great friends. We were able to continue high school together, sing in many choirs together, be in weddings together, and go through life together. So when I told her I was opening up a mobile coffee bar, joining the team seemed like an obvious choice, and we’re so thankful she did. Over the past couple of years, Holly has experienced the highs + lows of Cloud 9, and has been able to grow with us. Knowing her, working with her, and loving her has been such a blessing for me, and I can’t wait to see how our relationship continues to flourish over the rest of our lives.

Without further adieu, please meet Holly. Here are some quick facts about one of our favorite baristas:

  • 24 year old Holly Rockwood was born on December 29th (which is my birthday too!) in Oxnard, California.

  • She loves The Office, and her favorite episode is the Beet Farm episode, when Dwight wakes up crying.

  • Her favorite travel destination has been Australia, and wants to visit Japan in the near future.

  • Holly loves singing and acting. It's a huge part of her life and has helped her gain multitudes of confidence in herself. She also loves to learn new things, so school is something she enjoys (most of the time).

  • She’s in a relationship (happy two years, Ryan + Holly!). These two met during a production of Into the Woods at their college, where she was playing an evil stepsister and he was Rapunzel's Prince. He's the goofiest, funniest, most dedicated person she knows, and she loves how they share a love for performing.

  • In 5 years, Holly hopes to be graduated with her BA and on her way to working in the entertainment industry. She wants her career to allow her to be creative as she can possibly be, and her dream is to work at the Disney parks because she loves bringing joy to other people. She is also fascinated with the detailed work that goes in to producing shows and other entertainment operations! In 10 years, she hopes to still be doing what she loves. Holly eventually wants to buy her own little cozy house and fill it with plants, animals, and love. We agree, Holls!

  • Her favorite beverages from Cloud 9 are of the herbal variety - you can catch her drinking a Coffee Julep of a Lavender Latte any day!

This job at Cloud 9 is especially fulfilling because the shop operates to serve the community. I am always delighted when someone becomes excited about the products and services. My ultimate goal is to serve others and do it confidently! I truly feel that this job is a perfect avenue for that because I am consistently learning, communicating, and trying to better myself and my craft so that others may have a pleasing experience as they navigate this crazy thing that is life. I feel that if a well-made coffee or friendly service can be even a tiny light in someone else's day, the same principles may be applied to any of my future career choices. It's not about what I can do, but what I can do for other people.

That about sums up our post about Holly, but rest assured, there’s so much more to this lady. She is an incredible human, and we’re proud to have her a part of the team. Next time you’re at Cloud 9, be sure to say “hey” to Holls + bond over The Office quotes!


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