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Morgan + Lemon

Photo by Rubi Z Photo in Bakersfield, CA.

Cloud 9 Coffee Company was created to be different - from its original form in a vintage travel trailer, to our waste-free cafe initiatives. Created in 2017, owner Morgan Bonn has worked to establish a brand that values customer service above all else. Through the help of her husband, her mom (who has poured out an abundance of time, energy, and resources into making this dream a reality), friends, employees, a faithful following + the Good Lord himself, Cloud 9 has transitioned into a brick and mortar location in just two years.

The new storefront features a living plant wall, an art install by Kindred + Copper featuring recycled coffee filters, a merchandise section with Cloud 9 swag + other curated goods, and of course… the best coffee in town. What makes this coffee the best in Bakersfield? Simple. The ingredients used + the hands that prepared it. Cloud 9 has partnered with Arcade Coffee to bring the best California-roasted + sustainably sourced coffee to the City of Bakersfield. Paired with local Top O’ The Morn Farms, all of our coffee creations are delicious + use the highest of quality ingredients. All teas at Cloud 9 are from Big Heart Tea Co., based out of Los Angeles, which consist of organic, medicinal-grade botanicals, hand-blended by babes (their words, not ours… but we’re not arguing). Our staff endures hours of training in order to be the best baristas possible - knowledgeable, passionate, and always attentive to details - in food, in coffee, in tea, and in customer service. Every shot of espresso pulled has been weighed, dosed, and extracted to perfection. When you buy a beverage at Cloud 9 Coffee Company, you can rest assured that time, energy, and consideration went into you having an exceptional experience.

With pastries made by Franco Baked + food made by Camilo Vasquez of Fat Uncle Farms, Cloud 9 Coffee Company prioritizes supporting local businesses, as well as businesses that utilize locally-sourced ingredients in their creations + certified organic produce.

All that being said, we hope it’s clear that Cloud 9 Coffee Company is for you. We are a team of men + women that are honored to serve you every morning; we delight in your satisfaction + exist to make this community even better.



    “People over Profit” is embodied in everything we do at Cloud 9 Coffee Company. When given the opportunity, we will always seek the satisfaction of the consumer + work to create the best environment possible. Warm ambiance, inviting customer service, impeccable product, and conveniently curated goods are what make Cloud 9 worth visiting. We want every experience to be a good one, creating a loyal customer following + encouraging our patrons to love coffee, love plants, and love people.


    At our core, Cloud 9 Coffee Company desires to create as little waste as possible. We refuse to contribute to landfills, deforestation, and irresponsible business practices. That’s why we have implanted new ideals into our operations - from a ban on single-use cups to biodegradable + recyclable packaging. We have also changed our roaster in order to encourage a more sustainable, honest, and fair relationship with farmers + those sourcing from them. Sustainability does not exist without accountability + Cloud 9 seeks to improve said accountability through the coffee supply chain, all the way to the consumer.

    Our sustainable soy-based + corn-based packaging is from noissue - they plant a tree in California every time we re-order tissue paper + stickers. Check out their website for more information on our sustainable packaging.


    From the beginning, this business has been about the product we serve + the people we serve it to. Peter Parker’s grandfather had it right when he said, “with great power, comes great responsibility” + due to the outpour of blessings on this company, we have decided to use all resources available to help others in return. In Summer of 2019, we will roll out the Cloud 9 Community Initiative here in Bakersfield, California, wherein every month, our staff will participate in a number of community-building activities, dedicating themselves to the people who make Cloud 9 great. Keep reading for more information on our initiative.


the Cloud 9 Community Initiative

This initiative was created to help the people of Bakersfield in whatever areas necessary. This is a tentative plan for 2019-2020, but is not an exhaustive list. If you know of any individuals/families that are in need, any local companies making a difference in these areas, or if you simply want to get involved, click the box below + a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

  • JANUARY- Children

    • sponsor local sports teams, volunteer at Boys & Girls Club

  • FEBRUARY - first responders

    • fire department coffee deliveries, BPD event

  • MARCH - sex trafficking

    • Magdalena Ministry


    • trash pickup, plant flowers + trees, collaboration with city-wide organizations

  • MAY - armed forces

    • limited edition military-themed shirt, discount for active military, free coffee for Veterans

  • JUNE - elderly

    • volunteer at Rosewood Gardens, Grandparents Day at Cloud 9

  • JULY - pets + animals

    • bring your pet event + proceeds to Marley’s Mutts, pet food drive, volunteer at local animal shelters

  • AUGUST - healthcare

    • free products for nurses + doctors, volunteer at hospitals + urgent care facilities


    • volunteer at local elementary schools - help teachers, read to students, etc., CSUB scholarship

  • OCTOBER - life

    • company donation to pro-life organizations, blood drive, breast cancer awareness month


    • serve at kitchen, coat + blanket drive, Hashtag Lunchbag

  • DECEMBER - christmas

    • toy drive, angel tree ministry

Video by Creatiful in Bakersfield, CA